When obtaining a neuropsychological evaluation for your child or referring a patient for an evaluation, you have options. There are many psychologists who perform evaluations, but Meyerson & Associates stands out from the rest. Here are three reasons why:

Comprehensive and Specific

School, educational, or psycho-educational evaluations are typically limited to assessing children's intelligence and academic skills. In contrast, a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation includes assessment of a diverse range of your child's abilities and functioning. The thorough evaluation is followed by a detailed report that includes persuasive and useful recommendations. During the parent feedback session, we will form a plan together to help your child succeed.

Quick and Efficient

Feedback sessions are scheduled within one to two days after the evaluation is complete. A final evaluation report will be provided to you within three weeks following the feedback session. At your request, final reports can be sent to third parties, such as pediatricians, therapists, and psychiatrists.

Close Communication

You will not have to walk blindly through, what can be, a scary process. You will have direct access to your doctor, and your calls will be returned in a timely manner. Your doctor will be available to you before, during, and after the evaluation is completed.

Referring Clinicians can expect the same level of communication to the extent permitted by parental consent. As a referring clinician, you will receive a call from us before and after the evaluation. It is preferable to make diagnostic determinations and recommendations collaboratively with all clinicians involved in a child's care.