Dear Parents, Teachers, Colleagues, and Friends,

When I decided to open my own practice, it was important for me to make sure that the children - and the parents who trusted me with their children - gain value from my services. There is a substantial time, financial, and emotional commitment that goes into parents’ decision to pursue a neuropsychological evaluation for their child, and I did not want parents to leave my office more confused than when they came in. Rather, I wanted parents to leave with a practical and realistic action plan in place - knowing that their next steps were in the right direction.

To achieve this vision, my practice and I keep four core values in mind:

  1. Not just testing -- The job of a neuropsychologist is not to administer tests. The job is to answer questions about why someone might be struggling. Tests are just tools that help answer those questions. Holding this value also means giving parents a realistic idea about whether or not an evaluation can answer the questions they have about their child.
  2. Follow the evidence -- When it is time to give parents test results and intervention recommendations, I start with the science. When discussing treatment options, I give parents an accurate representation of the research supporting various treatments - and the lack thereof.
  3. Close, direct connection with your doctor -- My favorite doctors are the ones who call and email me directly, respond in a timely manner, read my records in detail, and communicate with my other providers. I feel that they care about me and are not too busy for me. As a doctor, I do not want anything less for my clients.
  4. What I would want for my own child -- When working with a child or giving referrals to parents, I only make decisions and recommendations that I would want for my own children.

If my vision and values are ones you share, you think a neuropsychological evaluation would help your child, or you have a referral in mind, please feel free to call. I am happy to answer any and all of your questions. We’ll take as much time as you like.


David Meyerson, PhD
Owner, Neuropsychologist
Meyerson & Associates Neuropsychology